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The State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (SCDRC), Bihar is Part of National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC), India, is a quasi-judicial commission in India which was set up in 1988 under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986. Its office is in Patna. The commission is headed by a sitting or retired judge of the High Court of India.The commission is presently headed by Hon'ble Mr. Justice Sanjay Kumar .


Section 21 of Consumer Protection Act, 1986 posits that the National Consumer shall have jurisdiction:- to entertain a complaint valued more than one crore and also have Appellate and Revisional jurisdiction from the orders of State Commissions or the District fora as the case may be.

  Section 23 of Consumer Protection Act, 1986, provides that any person aggrieved by an order of NCDRC, may prefer an Appeal against such order to Supreme Court of India within a period of 30 days.
  The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 (In short,‘The Act’) is a benevolent social legislation that lays down the rights of the consumers and provides their for promotion and protection of the rights of the consumers. The first and the only Act of its kind in India, it has enabled ordinary consumers to secure less expensive and often speedy redressal of their grievances. By spelling out the rights and remedies of the consumers in a market so far dominated by organized manufacturers and traders of goods and providers of various types of services, the Act makes the dictum, caveat emptor (‘Buyer Beware’) a thing of the past. The Act mandates establishment of Consumer Protection Councils at the Centre as well as in each State and District, with a view to promoting consumer awareness.The Central Council is headed by Minster In-charge of the Department of Consumer Affairs in the Central Government and the State Councils by the Minister In-charge of the Consumer Affairs.
  Hon'ble President

Hon'ble Mr. Justice Sanjay Kumar (21-12-2022 to till now)


Former Presidents

 SL  Name From To
9. Hon'ble Mr. Justice Samarendra Pratap Singh   11-03-2019      12-06-2022  
8. Hon'ble Mr. Justice Shailesh Kumar Sinha   07-02-2014      06-02-2019  
7. Hon'ble Mr. Justice Subhash Chandra Jha       17-03-2010 02-11-2013
6. Hon'ble Mr. Justice P. N. Yadav 28-08-2007 03-01-2010
5. Hon'ble Mr. Justice D. P. S Chaudhary 22-04-2002 27-03-2007
4. Hon'ble Mr. Justice A. N. Chaturvedi 27-01-1997 17-01-2002
3. Hon'ble Mr. Justice V. N. Sinha 03-01-1992 02-01-1997
2. Hon'ble Mr. Justice R. N. Prasad xx-xx-1988 xx-xx-1992
1. Hon'ble Mr. Justice R. N. Thakur xx-xx-1987 xx-xx-1988

Digvijay Kumar (District & Sessions Judge) (29-02-2024 to till now)


Former Registrars

 SL  Name and Designation From To
9. Om Prakash Singh (District & Sessions Judge)    14-10-2022     02-01-2024  
8. Pradeep Kumar Malik (District & Sessions Judge)    23-07-2021     06-09-2022  
7. Smt Padma Kumari Choubey (District & Sessions Judge)    17-07-2019     31-12-2019  
6. Shri Vayu Nandan Lal Srivastava (District & Sessions Judge)    20-04-2018     30-06-2019  
5. Shri Surendra Prasad Pandey (Principal Judge) 11-05-2017 17-01-2018
4. Shri Bidhu Bhushan Pathak (District & Sessions Judge) 06-04-2015 23-11-2016
3. Ms. Geeta Verma (District & Sessions Judge) 20-02-2012 17-10-2014
2. Shri Braj Kishore Prasad Gupta (District & Sessions Judge) 18-09-2010 31-07-2011
1. Shri Visheshwar Nath Mishra (District & Sessions Judge) 13-02-2007 08-09-2010